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The JetCat PRO Engines offer maximum integration and installation. All system equipment required for turbine operation is fully integrated under the turbine hood. Apart from the supply battery, the fuel tank and the control signals, no further external subsystems are required! The control signals are output on a data cable terminated with a 15-pin SUB-D connector. Power is optionally supplied via the power cable with XT60 plug for direct battery connection.

JetCat-PRO Engines functions:

Integrated Enginescomponents:

  • ECU (electronic control unit)
  • Integrated brushless fuel pump
  • Fuel and kerosene start valves
  • fuel filter
  • kerosene starter
  • Barometric height / pressure sensor
  • 4-pole Molex extension plug (e.g. for smoke pumps / fuel pump)
  • Vent opening with integrated one-way valve (e.g. for pressurizing the fuel system)

power supply:
Over 3 cells LiPo battery / XT60 connection / capacity 3000mAh or higher

Data connector (section)
Over 15-pin SUB-D (male) there are the following control options:

  • 1x PowerOn control signal
  • 2x PWM input channels (e.g. for RC remote control; THR / AUX)
  • 2x independent RS232 interfaces for computer remote control and / or interconnection of several turbines
  • 1x Analog voltage regulation / sensor input
  • 1x JetCat bus interface, e.g. for connection of GSU and / or other JetCat accessories (LCU / flow sensor / BMS system etc.) CAN bus interface for control and data reporting


Generator Version PRO-GL:

These versions consist of a brushless and non-contact starter/generator system. The generator is "soft coupled", i.e. it rotates at a lower speed than the turbine shaft itself (patent pending). A built-in and integrated DC / DC converter with additional charge control enables buffering / recharging of the turbine battery. The charging system is able to supply charging energy to the Engine battery at idling speed. The electrical power of this charging system is approx. 85W. The "soft" coupling of the generator limits the power output.

Generator Version PRO-GH:

This version consists of a brushless and non-contact starter/generator. The generator is "hard" coupled to the turbine shaft (but there is no mechanical contact), i.e. it rotates at the same speed as the turbine. This configuration allows a much higher power output of the generator (900W!). This version is also supplied with an unregulated 3-phase alternating current supply. The three-phase voltage varies proportionally with the turbine speed. Typically, the measured no-load DC voltage is approximately 12V / 7.5A (33,000 1 / min) and 35V / 22A (100,000 1 / min) when charged with a 1.5 Ohm resistor behind a rectifier network (6x High Power Schottky diodes).

The JetCat P550-PRO Engines are only available as PRO-GL or PRO-GH versions.

Name Value
Pressure ratio 3,8
Mass flow 0,93
Consumption Full load 1650
Consumption idle 300
Weight [g] 4900
Dimensions of the diameter 175
Length 419
Weight carton
Dimensions of carton
Exhaust gas temperature 480-750
Idle speed (1/min) 26000
Max rpm (1/min) 83000
Thrust at idle (N) 28
Thrust @ maxRpm (N) 550
Exhaust gas velocity (km/h) 2129
Exhaust gas power output (kW) 162,6
SFC @ maxRpm (kg/Nh) 0,144
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JetCat PRO-Interface
Part no: 61168-0010
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Turbine mounting clips
For P550 PRO-GL, P550 PRO-GH
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