Since 1976, the engineering office CAT, M. Zipperer GmbH has been developing individual solutions in the laboratory sector tailored to the customer's needs. The product range extends from high-precision microdosing pumps to magnetic stirrers, shakers, dispersers, cell counters and robots for laboratory automation. A completely different product area, the development and manufacture of model aircraft turbines for jet model flying, was added in 2000, and the product brand "JetCat" was born. The fascination for jet model flying has remained unbroken ever since. Today, these turbines are not only used in model flying, but also for exciting industrial applications, such as drones or stationary use in universities or colleges.

Our staff of around 100 employees ensures the consistent provision of comprehensive solutions that meet the individual requirements of our private and industrial customers. We attach great importance to a high standard of quality in all our products, services and support as well as in our processes. Today, the company is managed by Dipl. Ing. Markus Zipperer and enjoys steadily growing demand in both divisions. All JetCat turbines are completely designed and verified on the 3D-CAD system. Our own CNC machine park allows flexible production of all kinds of milled and turned parts in addition to tool construction. Plastic parts are produced on our own injection moulding machines. The precise welding of thin-walled metal parts (e.g. combustion chambers etc.) takes place on our own laser welding machines. The "short distances", the close cooperation between development engineers and production make us particularly strong. In this way, new ideas and customer requests can be quickly implemented and tested in practice.

All engines are subjected to a test run before delivery. For this purpose, we have a specially equipped test room where, in addition to pure thrust measurements, shaft engines are also measured for torque / power. The rotor assemblies of the engines are dynamically balanced on precision balancing machines. At the end, the complete engine is finely balanced again in its fully assembled state. A fleet of different balancing machines is available for this work.

We are ISO-certified (DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 13485).

Markus Zipperer

CEO, Ingenieurbüro CAT, M. Zipperer GmbH