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JetCat PHT3 single shaft helicopter engine

3 gearbox variants

In the PHT3 single-shaft helicopter engine, power is taken directly from the turbine rotor. All other devices were placed around the reduction unit in a space-optimized manner. This includes the servo mounts, the centrifugal clutch, the tail rotor downforce, platforms for rotors or other components. You will receive a complete mechanic with engine suitable for many helicopter types.

  • Genuine turbine power with enormous power reserves even for large helicopters
  • Direction of rotor rotation (left/right) freely selectable
  • Rotor decoupled from drive by centrifugal clutch and freewheel (rotor is idling)
  • Rotor brake optional
  • Original JetCat Auto Start System: Fully automatic start of the turbine at the push of a button on the remote control transmitter without external auxiliary units or aids.
  • Maintenance-friendly, low-noise toothed belt drive in the primary stages
  • Special toothing in the last gear stage, for smooth running and secure frictional connection
  • Complete set: unpack, install, fly
  • Turbine system tried and tested more than 1000 times in practice
  • Precision ceramic ball bearings for low-maintenance operation
  • Protective grid in front of the turbine inlet prevents damage from foreign bodies
  • JetCat "Jet-tronic" Turbine control electronics: Speed controller for constant rotor speed.
  • Freely programmable system
  • Turbine starts without compressed air or fan.
  • Automatic after-cooling of the turbine after switching off.
  • RS232 computer interface
  • Plain text display of current operating parameters such as temperature, speed, pump voltage, fuel consumption, residual fuel, last running time, total running time, battery voltage, turbine condition, last shutdown reason, etc...

Exemplary tempering process:

After charging the batteries and filling the kerosene tank put the heli to the starting position. Switch on transmitter & receiver --> Push throttle slider on transmitter to OFF, then push throttle slider to full throttle --> Turbine starts now fully automatically and stabilizes afterwards on idle speed (rotor still stands!). As soon as the throttle slide on the transmitter is also set to idle, the performance control is handed over to the pilot. Now push the throttle slider slowly to full throttle. The main rotor speed is now slowly increased (time programmable) and automatically regulated to the programmed value. Due to the enormous power surplus of the engine, speed fluctuations are not noticeable even under extreme load changes.

Name Value
Idle speed (1/min) 33000
Max rpm (1/min) 98000 (ja nach Übersetzung)
volllastdrehzahl 94000 (serienmäßig) Rotor: 962 1/min.
Rotor idling speed (1/min) 0 (Fliehkraftkupplung getrennt)
volllastdrehzahlRotor 850- 1337 (je nach Übersetzung)
maximaldrehzahlRotor 850- 1337
Torque, max. [Ncm] 3500- 7500 (je nach Übersetzung)
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