JetCat P1000-PRO

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24 Maximum integration level for professional / industrial use

The JetCat-P1000-PRO offers maximum integration for EASY installation.
All necessary peripheral systems necessary for operation are fully under the front fairing of the turbine.
built in. No further external peripheral devices such as ECU, valves or ignition system are required. Therefore, in addition to the
supply battery, the tank and some external control signals no further external subsystems required!
All control signals are transmitted on a cable with 15-pin SUB-D connector.
Power is supplied via a second cable with XT60 connector for direct battery connection.
(other connector types available on request)

JetCat-P1000-PRO Turbinen Funktionen:
Turbine-side integrated components in the front end of the engines:

  • ECU (electronic control unit)
  • Brushless starter / generator (contactless to turbine shaft)
  • 2x integrated brushless fuel pumps
  • 3x fuel and kerosene start valves
  • fuel filter
  • Barometric height / pressure sensor for automatic adjustment to operating height.
  • 4-pole Molex expansion connection (e.g. for smoke pumps / fuel pumps).
  • Bleed Air outlet with integrated check valve (e.g. for pressurizing the fuel system)
  • Re-Start possibility in flight
  • Automatic cooling cycle after shutdown.
  • Direct kerosene start with dual ignition system. The ignition elements can be exchanged by the user.
  • Switching on the power supply via external control signal
  • Safety shutdown input for immediate shutdown of the turbine by means of a suitable flight abort system. This interrupts the fuel pump power supply and closes the safety valves. The ECU can remain switched on (e.g. for continuous data transmission and/or after-cooling of the turbine).
  • Transmission and logging of all important data such as speed / exhaust temperature / fuel consumption / fuel consumption / current / charging current / voltages etc.
  • High-performance ceramic ball bearings

Power supply:

  • Supply voltage range: 10-35VDC e.g. via 3-cell LiPo battery / XT60 power connection / capacity 3000mAh or higher
  • Programmable supply battery type and cell count. Max. (Peak) electrical starting power: ~ 300W

Max. Output power 500W, 3-phase AC output optional.

Integrated DC/DC converter:
Output voltage: 10-30V, programmable, typically the
output voltage is automatically applied to the power supply battery
the required level. Output power:
180W / 16A max ; Integrated output current limiter.
Allows charging / buffering of the supply battery.
No energy is taken from the battery when the turbine is running.
the battery is automatically charged / buffered.

Data connector:
The 15pin SUB-D (male) offers the following control options:

  • 1x PowerOn control signal
  • 2x PWM input channels (e.g. for RC servo signals; THR / AUX)
  • 2x independent serial TTL interfaces (baud rate: 9600 to 115000 bps) for computer control, data reporting and/or connection of several turbines, RS232 signal level possible on request. The data protocol allows the addressing/control of several turbines via the same serial interface.
  • 1x analog input for the speed presetting/turbine control or as sensor input for the airspeed.
  • 1x JetCat bus interface, for connection of GSU and/or other JetCat accessories (LCU / Flow Sensor / BMS System etc.)
  • CAN bus interface for control and reporting

Customer-specific connection Plug on request.

JetCat PRO-Interface

Name Value
Pressure ratio 4
Mass flow 1,8
Consumption Full load 2900
Consumption idle 550
Weight [g] 11000
Dimensions of the diameter 234
Length 444
Weight carton
Dimensions of carton
Exhaust gas temperature 480-720
Idle speed (1/min) 19000
Max rpm (1/min) 61500
Thrust at idle (N) 45
Thrust @ maxRpm (N) 1100
Exhaust gas velocity (km/h) 2200
Exhaust gas power output (kW) 336,1
SFC @ maxRpm (kg/Nh) 0,127
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P1000-PRO Turbinenbefestigungsschelle.pdf
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